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You met Jim in Ghost No More. Now read his story.

Jim grew up with fear. Fear of his abusive, alcoholic father… but an even greater fear that he would follow in his father’s footsteps. That’s what his mother always told him – over and over again.

Now Jim has met the girl of his dreams and he finally dares to think of a new life. But can hope save him? Or does his worst nightmare happen,despite everything he does to fight against it.

“A perfect mix of tenderness and humor to offset the disappointment and despair that goes along with being brought into this world by fallen primary caregivers.”

“A compelling read.”
“What a riveting story of failure, love, and forgiveness.”-Amazon reviewers

Based on a True Story, Lost No More is the second book of the Ghost No More Series, although it can be read as a stand alone too.

topics- kindle unlimited, child abuse, memoir, hope, health, siblings, teen, spiritual, death, true crime, religion, Christian, recovery, alcoholic, addiction, boys memoir, anger

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I have been abandoned in a stark landscape. I have no idea who I am or why I’ve been cast out. My only protection is a Ruger double-action revolver. I discover if I can make it through the no-man’s-land alive, I might have a chance at amnesty. All I have to do is trek the two-hundred-and-fifty miles north through desolate wasteland to the Gate. Alone.

I could say this is the worst day of my life, but I honestly have no idea.

Into the Wasteland follows one young woman’s journey through treacherous landscapes, backstabbing strangers, and lethal challenges. If she survives, her path will lead her to a final destination beyond anything she could have imagined.

All author’s proceeds from sales of this dystopian novella series benefits battered women’s shelters.

Lisa’s novellas are written without explicit intimacy or violence. As such they are suitable for teens and up.

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A simple life may be her goal … but does a ghost have other plans?

Miranda moves to the seaside town of Delphin Beach with her cat, Raziel, starts up a mystical store, and buys the blue cottage next door to her friend.

Strange things are happening in Miranda’s new house … and someone is watching.

Is it something paranormal or just plain wicked?

Miranda must conquer self-doubt and trust her abilities to discover the answers before someone else gets hurt.

You will love this cozy ghost mystery because everyone wants justice and an adorable cat as a companion.

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Is the dog in the frame a ghost or is there a prankster?

Miranda Moore agrees to help her friend Erica solve a mystery at Jasper House. She has moved in but Raziel, her cat, is not happy.

Miranda must find a way to quickly develop her paranormal gifts to help her friend, protect her cat and to expose secrets but she only has a week to do it.

If you like cozy mysteries with animals you will love this one.

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Will Stanley’s ghost reveal the mystery of the lost treasure?

Miranda must solve the mystery surrounding her customer’s deceased husband, a secretive grandson, and a strange intruder in the garden.

Miranda’s finances are strained and she needs money before the summer is over or she will have to give up her dream of independence and the collapse of her business. Can she take the advice of her ghostly mother to swallow her pride and allow others to aid her? Can she find the hidden treasure?

If she fails there is a lot at stake for all. Who can she trust?

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