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In Wayward, author Casey Head creates an enchanting world readers will want to visit again and again. When Flynn the rabbit discovers that his mother abandoned him at a young age, he decides to run away and leave his hometown of Silver Falls far behind. Flynn, along with a few friends he meets along the way, goes on a wild adventure through mountains and grasslands to find the true meaning of love and family. Will he learn these important lessons? Will he return home to his family? Wayward will leave you breathless and begging for more!

“Wayward” is the exciting first installment in the Silver Falls Series by Casey Head. Similar in style to the Redwall series by Brian Jacques, or to Watership Down, or Wind in the Willows, you will be drawn into an enchanting world full of compelling characters.

See what readers are saying:

“Casey, I just stayed up WAY past my bedtime to finish Wayward. I LOVED it!! Your style is so descriptive and the characters just come to life! If I were a literary critic, I would give it *****+! (That’s supposed to be MORE than five stars.) Thanks for an exciting children’s book that teaches good values and can hold the attention of even us gray-haired children-at-heart.”
-L. Harbin

“Casey, I finished [Harvest Blizzard] on Saturday. Amazing!!! They [the Silver Falls books] are superb!! These books are suspenseful, lovely stories to keep kids’ attention, yet subtly teach them how to react to life situations. I’m awaiting the fourth!!! And I’ll continue to tell anyone who will listen about these books. By the way, this would make a great movie series!! I have been thinking about how I would relate these books to others…I would put them up against Charlotte’s Web or Black Beauty or Trumpet of the Swan or The Little House Series; just a really good series. It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a children’s series this much!”
-Julia D., mother of 5

If you like “Wayward,” consider downloading the other books in the series:
“Two Journeys, a story of Silver Falls” (Book #2)
“Harvest Blizzard, a story of Silver Falls” (Book #3)
“Spring Rose, a story of Silver Falls” (Book #4)

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“Midnight Reveille” is a short story about a couple torn apart by World War II.

When Lily wakes up to find an unexpected visitor in her room, she doesn’t understand what’s going on. Jonathan has been gone for years so she can’t believe her eyes when he pops back into her life, in the middle of the night, not looking a day older than the last time she saw him. Has she lost her mind, were the reports of his death a mistake, or is it really possible for Lily to have a second chance with her one true love?

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Faith’s life has become boring and predictable. She’s the oldest daughter and she’s always been dependable and sensible but she thinks it’s time for a change. How far is she willing to go?

Sweetwater Creek, Georgia is recovering very slowly after the Civil War and the few men left in the small one-horse town are unacceptable mates. Her sister wants to go to Atlanta, but that doesn’t feel like the right move for Faith. Her mother doesn’t want to leave at all since her father’s grave is there.

Aaron is a single father who hasn’t recovered from his beloved wife’s untimely death. He’s depended on his in-laws to help him raise his motherless children, but he knows he’s got to take steps to be the father his Mary would have wanted him to be.

These two come to an agreement that neither of them truly understands until they’re in the middle of it. When the truth finally hits them, things hit a few snags. Will there be a magical union or will the two be unable to manage their differences?

Annie Boone writes clean and wholesome Western Romance stories. There is no sex or profanity.

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