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Boys come and go but best friends are forever…

Haunted by an accident that took her best friend’s life nearly 30 years ago, JJ Stoddard has many regrets about how her life has unfolded.

When an encounter with a little red convertible transports her back to 1984 she comes face to face with her biggest regret. Her best friend Lacey’s death on prom night.

Now she’s got a week to save her best friend’s life, all while navigating the world as a seventeen-year-old again.

Keeping Lacey safe will be mission critical because this time she’s going to get it right.

This time friends forever is going to last.

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She can command the elements but not her destiny…or her heart.

Neala has all the trappings of a princess; fine clothes, jewels, a grand palace to live in, an arranged marriage to a man she doesn’t love.

And even her rare magical ability to control the five elements can’t help her escape. But she finds hope when a lieutenant with a reckless smile and a dark past appears and offers another way.

Will he be her savior?

Or her undoing…

The Last Queen is the first in The Book of Kaels series. A romantic fantasy for all ages, full of drama, intrigue, and action. If you read the books of Sarah Maas, Sara Roethle, Marissa Meyer, or Annette Marie you will love The Book of Kaels by Wendy Wang.

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Books 2 – 4 are also available as a box set at a great bundled value.

Although you can read any of the books in the Book of Kaels series out of order, they are part of a larger series and it is highly suggested they be read in order to ensure the greatest enjoyment and satisfaction.

The Book of Kaels Series
Book 1: The Last Queen
Book 2: The Wood Kael
Book 3: The Metal Kael
Book 4: The Fire Kael

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Have Kindle Unlimited? Read “The Tony Crowne Mysteries Box Set Books 1-3” for free! Click on the Peter Guy George author link to go to the box set.

A family-friendly sports mystery packed with action and adventure…for the 9 to 12 age group…

Tony Crowne is a backup quarterback and aspiring detective who has his share of troubles: He hates the nickname his father gave him, his eighty-pound dog clobbers his mother and grandfather at breakfast and he gets into a fight with the biggest kid in school.
Worst of all, his best friend, cheerleader Ashley Richardson, disappears the morning before Tony’s big football game.
Did she run away? Was she kidnapped? Is she alive?
Now, Tony must help his team win the big game and help a retired police detective find Ashley before it’s too late.


Bonus: This edition contains an excerpt from Peter Guy George’s new Tony Crowne mystery, “The Tiny Heist.”

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The Fragrance of Geraniums (A Time of Grace Trilogy, Book 1)

Told from multiple perspectives, this is a powerful story of three women – of the threads of mercy that connect them – and of heart-wrenching sorrows alchemized by the Heavenly Father’s overwhelming redeeming grace.

Rhode Island – 1934

Grace Picoletti has nothing going for her – but she’s determined to succeed in life, nonetheless. Born to severe destitution, she claws her way up from the pit of family shame and secrets. She avoids close friendships – even with the likable, persistent Paulie Giorgi…

Despite her own agonizing emotional pain, childless Emmeline Kinner reaches out to a young woman so far beneath her. She could never have known whom else God would set in her path through her friendship with Grace…

Long ago, Sarah Picoletti resigned herself to a loveless, abusive life – and she believes that her daughter Grace must inherit the same fate. Yet Sarah’s own soul cries out for the blessed peace and hope of which the radio minister speaks…

A multi-generational Christian women’s novel set during the U.S. Great Depression of the 1930s. (Also appropriate for older teens.)

Finalist in the 2014 Grace Awards.

This book is a stand-alone. However, a richer reading experience comes from reading all three novels in this Christian historical fiction trilogy:
Book 1: The Fragrance of Geraniums
Book 2: All Our Empty Places
Book 3: A Love to Come Home To

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Caralyn Sharp has a demanding job and a love life that just walked out the door. She barely has time to be her best friend’s Maid of Honor. Right when she thinks things can’t get any worse, she brakes hard to avoid a turtle and is rear-ended by Alex Garrison. He’s a military officer with an attitude and the owner of the most amazing pair of blue eyes she’s ever encountered. As they continue to cross paths, she can’t decide what she wants more: to scream at him or stare into his dreamy eyes.
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The first novel in The Reluctant Detective Series.

Mirabelle’s daughter, Summer, disappears one Friday night, and Mirabelle would dearly love to rewind that day and live it differently. Instead, she is left not knowing if Summer is alive or dead, went of her own accord or was taken against her will.
Casting all other concerns aside – food, sleep, work, relationships – in her desperate need to find the answers, she takes to the streets of Edinburgh in search of Summer.
Searching along wynds snaking behind old buildings, through ancient doors and tiny spiral stairways, showing Summer’s photograph to everyone she meets in shops, museums and nightclubs, Mirabelle becomes a reluctant detective, gathering clues, trying to make sense of them in order to find her missing daughter.

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When she was nine-years-old, Katie knew she wanted Chris to give her her first kiss. It wasn’t because she was in love with him (no way, he was her best friend! Besides, she was in love with his fourteen-year-old big brother), it was because she could make him do anything she wanted.

Besides, it didn’t really mean anything. It was only a kiss after all.

But then things started to change. They grew up. They parted ways and went to different high schools. And other girls and boys—well, just one particular boy—came into the picture, throwing their lives upside down.

Told from the alternating points of view of Katie and Chris, this love story between two best friends will tug at your heartstrings and leave you thinking how the simplest things can mean so much.

Editorial Reviews:
“The simplest things can mean so much.” A universal but often forgotten truth—and a great way to sum up what Ines Bautista-Yao’s latest offering is all about. At its core, it’s a simple love story about a pair of best friends, but it’s infused with so much warmth, honesty, and charm that you’ll be glad you took a break from melodrama and sicktopia for now. Another truth: nobody does heartfelt, wholesome fiction quite as well as Ines does. —Marla Miniano, Editor in Chief, Candy Magazine

“It felt so genuine that I wanted to jump right into the story and talk to Chris and Katie. I saw echoes of myself in both of them, and that made me both love them and want to shake some sense into them.” —Lia London, author and founder of Clean Indie Reads

“From the first page of this book I loved it. I couldn’t put it down and read half of it in one sitting. This book is very well written. You can feel tension building at just the right times and when it all comes crashing down you are crying right along with the characters. This book had a simple plot that draws you in and doesn’t let you go until you have made two new best friends in Chris and Katie.” —Emma Poulloura, book blogger

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