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A Children of Angels Novel

When Alexandria Grace Groaban was a child, she learned she was very different from other children and adults she encountered. She saw and heard things that no child should ever bear witness to. She knew details of things and people long since passed, and she could hear voices and repeat them in whatever language she heard during the scenes which played out before her young and impressionable eyes.

Through an encounter with someone she thought to be her guardian angel, Alexandria was given a reprieve so that she might know some normalcy in her childhood. But at the age of twenty-one, Alexandria returned home to her family’s small estate outside Oxford, England for Christmas, and learned the hard way that her grace period was about to come to an abrupt and vicious end.

Now, whether for better or worse, she will find herself on the edge of a great precipice. One that will call her into action and into a world that she could never have fathomed existed. For Alexandria to know who and what she truly is, she will have to rise to the challenge of a battle that has been waged for millennia by beings first spoken of in Genesis, and embrace that which has lay dormant within her since she was a child.

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Kay is entranced with the possibilities which lie before her. Five handsome, willing men are vying for her hand in marriage. The stakes are ownership of a medieval keep perched on the rocky edge of a stormy ocean. Each man seems more stunning than the last, and it is her choice which will reward the prize.

To make the game even more interesting, Kay is disguised as a handmaiden to her sister, Em, so that she might more freely mingle with the suitors. In this way she can learn their strengths and catch them in their most unguarded moments.

As the threat of border reivers approaches the keep, Kay finds that her pleasurable pastime takes on a far more serious overtone. Knowing who to trust and who to depend on becomes a matter of life and death!

All author’s proceeds from sales of the Sword of Glastonbury series benefit battered women’s shelters.

Knowing Yourself is book one in the Sword of Glastonbury series. Each novel ends in a happily ever after, which then leads into the next book in the series. Each of these full-length romances features its own flavor, atmosphere, and main characters. Each is set in a different part of medieval England and showcases the natural beauty of its region. Knowing Yourself is set in Cumbria, in northwestern England.

Knowing Yourself is a lighthearted tale of romance and courtship, with a pair of fun-loving sisters, in the style of a medieval bachelorette contest. It is suitable for teens and older. It does not feature any strong language nor any intimacy beyond a gentle kiss.

To learn more about the widespread use of the wax tablet for note taking in medieval times, be sure to read this article:

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Tricia Forney was exhausted. She’d put in a long night working at the Boston Law Library. All she wanted to do was get home, trudge up the snowy hill to her front door, feed the tiger barbs, and get some sleep. If she could just drive the few remaining miles …

Her eyes faded closed …



What was that??

* * *

Rumble Strip is the first novelette in the Blackstone Valley Mystery series. It is 70 pages / 10,000 words long. Each story in this series ends in a cliff-hanger, building up to the grand finale. You can choose to read the stories one-at-a-time or buy the finished book and read them in one fell swoop. I write these series in sections so my readers can chime in with suggestions and ideas along the way. Also, since I’m working on many series at once, it means readers can move forward without having to wait for the entire series to be complete to even begin.

The stories are suitable for teens and up with no explicit adult language or situations. They are set in the beautiful Blackstone Valley region of central Massachusetts, carved out by the Blackstone River.

A portion of my proceeds from this series benefits local battered women’s shelters.

I have lived in this region for over two decades. I adore the landscapes and beauty. I’m always open to feedback – drop me a line and share your thoughts!

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Having to share your soul with a wolf isn’t easy, but that is what Brian Shaw is learning to do. Amidst learning about Indian legends and folklore, he’s also finding out what becoming a Keeper truly is.

And that’s just the easy part.

An old evil is stalking the forest and it is up to the Keepers to discover her secrets before she destroys all they hold dear. As legend, ghosts, and the past link to the present, will Brian and the Keepers be strong enough to defeat her? Or will history repeat itself once again?

The Keeper Saga recommended reading order:
Hidden Moon, book one
Once Upon a Haunted Moon, book two
The Wolf, the prequel
Wynter’s War, book three

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Between adjusting to life as a newlywed and trying to survive the first month of medical school, Sara Alderson has a lot on her plate. She definitely doesn’t need to start visiting other people’s dreams again. Unfortunately for her, it’s happening anyway.

Every night, she sees a different person and a different dream. But every dreamer has one thing in common: they all hate Dr. Morris, the least popular professor in the medical school, and they’re all dreaming about seeing him – or making him – dead.

Once again, Sara finds herself in the role of unwilling witness to a murder before it happens. But this time, there are too many suspects to count, and it doesn’t help matters that she hates Dr. Morris every bit as much as any of his would-be murderers do.

Dream Doctor is the first book of the Dream Doctor Mysteries.

Other Books By JJ DiBenedetto:
The Dream Doctor Mysteries (all ten books!)

Betty and Howard’s Excellent Adventure

The Jane Barnaby Adventures (all three books to date!)

Mr. Smith and the Roach (coming soon!)

Finding Dori (Welcome to Romance)

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USA Today best selling author!
What happens when two broken people fall in love?

Miranda is a runner–from every problem and every confrontation–with only herself to rely on. Until a car accident nearly destroys her life.

Jason becomes her unexpected rock she can trust.

Miranda thought she knew everything about him. Then came the day she discovered he was running too. His love may save her, but will his secret destroy her?

“A beautifully written story of love, loss, and tragedy.”
“This is a beautifully drawn character study of two very scared, broken people who need each other for survival, friendship, and ultimately love. CeeCee James has done an excellent job of pacing, bringing us back and forth from the past and the present, and back and forth from fear to hope.”
“5.0 out of 5 stars It was refreshing to read something so sincere and authentic!”-Amazon reviewers 
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*** Edgy Clean Romantic Suspense***
Detroit’s got a new serial killer…
And FBI Agent Jackson Kennedy is in charge of the investigation. Street performers are turning up dead, and after seeing Naomi perform he thinks she may be the killer’s next target.
Naomi St. James has two goals: earn a living through her music and stay off the radar of the man who killed her parents. Falling in love isn’t even on the list.
But the chemistry between her and Jackson is undeniable. Unfortunately, their only hope for a future rests on Jackson keeping her alive.
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When Dr. Evangeline Tourmaine’s step-mother turns up dead, she comes back to the states and unwittingly becomes the target of a killer. FBI Agent Colton Segar swears he will protect Evie, if it’s the last thing he does. Not easy to do when she keeps saving people in need of medical help. She’s drawing a lot of attention. As Colton tries to keep her under the radar, he finds himself drawn to her, and soon protecting her is more than just his job. It becomes a matter of heart.
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Reeling from a nasty divorce, Paige Reed wants to move forward, and leave the past where it belongs – behind her. A spontaneous decision leads her to a location set for a movie where she meets sexy Hollywood insider, Kellen Richards.

Kellen’s southern charm sweeps Paige off her feet, despite the hungry paparazzi watching in the background. But when a tragedy proves to be anything but accidental, he vows to protect Paige with every resource at his beck and call.

While Paige fights to find her place in his world, Kellen must engage in a lethal game of chess, their lives and blossoming love at stake.

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Haunted by a tragedy in his past and estranged from his parents, photographer Josh Whitehall shuns close relationships and wants nothing to do with pesky children. But when Faith Parker and her exuberant eleven-year-old brother move to Wentworth Cove, Maine, his world is turned upside down.

When Josh hears that Daniel needs a photography mentor, he can’t refuse fast enough. That is, until he meets Faith…

Gradually, Daniel’s zest for life and Faith’s friendship begin to bring healing to Josh in a most unexpected way.

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At fourteen, Claire Thomas leads the average life of a teenage girl, living in the shadow of her popular older brother, maneuvering her way through family, friendships, and first love. But her childhood best friend, Drew, is not your average teenage boy. In fact, he’s downright unusual. Sometimes he disappears, almost before her eyes. He speaks in clichés, quotes and Bible verses, and is always writing in his worn leather notebook.

Drew seems to have the inside track to all things spiritual, but Claire lives in a family that does not go to church, with a mother who hates God. It seems Drew is trying to tell her something important, but she isn’t sure what that is. After years of wondering why she is the only person to ever see or speak to him, thinking maybe he isn’t real and it’s all in her head, she is determined to discover the truth about Drew.

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If Heather wins the Tournament of Chance, she’ll be the first commoner to earn a place at court. Instead of a glorious victory, however, she’s arrested and marked for execution. After a daring escape, she joins the Dragon Rebels, who seek to overthrow the despotic monarchy and restore the former kingdom of Ormaria. Amongst the rebels are three shape-shifting wizards who claim to be rulers from the past. On a perilous quest to free the wizards’ magic, Heather battles wild dragons, vicious predators, angry trolls, and unexpected traitors. When a horrendous accident sends her back in time to fulfill a mysterious prophecy, she must rely on her warrior skills, wits, and endurance to survive.
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Land of her own and the love of a good man, and yet she can’t let go of the past.

God takes broken things and makes them beautiful again. He reclaims our desolate places.

Suzanna Wilton has had a heavy share of heartache in her twenty-seven years. Left wounded by a marriage cut short, she leaves city life to take up residency in a tiny Nebraska town. Her introduction to her neighbor Paul Rustin is a disaster. Assuming he’s as underhanded as the other local cowboys she’s already met, Suzanna greets him with sharp hostility.

Though Paul is offended by Suzanna’s unfriendliness, he can’t stop thinking about her, which unsettles his peaceful life. Intrigued by the woman who lives down the road and propelled by a sense that she carries a painful burden, he frequently drops by to offer help as she adjusts to rural living.

Just as Paul’s kindness begins to melt Suzanna’s frozen heart, a conflict regarding her land escalates in town. Even in the warmth of Paul’s love, resentment keeps a cold grip on her fragile heart.

When romance isn’t enough, will Suzanna ever find peace?

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Mail Order bride seeks wealthy Western man. Write Mona Sommers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Alexander Granger is tired of his father’s lectures and sermons. It’s time for payback. His plan is to pretend to marry a woman and scandalize his father when he finds out they aren’t really married. Will Mona accept his offer? Can Alex get away with his plan?

Approximately 14,000 words.

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Sometimes the people who love us best are not family.

Elderly Ino prepares a delicious Italian Christmas Eve feast for her successful CEO son, but when he’s too busy to spend the holiday with his mother she shares her dinner and gifts with her home health aide. A heartwarming story about giving and forgiveness.

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A Regency Inspirational Love Story set in the scenic Cotswolds of England:

She was a mail order bride…

He, a strong willed man of morals and faith… a titled Duke, the heir to a vast fortune and land holdings….he was looking for his Duchess… looking for a virtuous bride and a true love. He was running out of time. Was there anyone in the kingdom, in all of England, worthy of his devotion?

One reader calls this novel “An EXCEPTIONAL READ!”
Another reader says: “Excellent novel! Reads like a classic!”
When William decides to find a wife through a mail order bride advertisement in Regency England, he is hoping to find true love with someone who shares his faith. Although his relationship with his mail order bride begins as a business arrangement between himself and the lovely vicar’s daughter, The Honorable Miss Alexandra Benningham, he has great hope and faith that in time, they will both find love and happiness as they share a life built on the same foundation of Christ centered living.

This is also his last resort to meet the requirements of his father’s will in order to retain his full inheritance. He’s had more than enough of England’s finest debutantes trying to marry him for social status and wealth. He promises Miss Benningham an annulment if the marriage doesn’t work out and decides not to tell her about his title as a means of testing her motive and character. Will she be able to love him first as a mere farmer?

When Lady Catherine Duncan shows up on the scene, things really get complicated. She seems to know a lot more about William than Alexandra does, to Alexandra’s great concern. Lady Catherine claims the Duke violated a marriage contract with her and threatens to contest his marriage. Will he lose Alexandra forever because of Lady Catherine? Or will his lack of trust drive her away first?

Readers love this story set in the scenic Cotswalds of England. Written in a classic and narrative style without the “silly hackneyed expressions,” as one reader points out, you’ll find this novel distinctively different.

Few writers have the guts to tell a story like Lisa does. This book isn’t filled with cheap and meaningless dialogue but rather, rich story telling and meaningful dialogue that displays the maturity of her characters. One reader says, “a delightful read,” and another writes, “what a different take on a mail order bride story… a true Christian romance story…” Readers who have been nurtured on the classics will love the way this novel unfolds and will appreciate an exceptional novel and a refreshingly, clean romance.

Lisa Prysock is also the author of “Hannah’s Garden: A Turn of the Century Love Story,” (Volume I of The Victorian Christian Heritage Series), “Abigail’s Melody,” (Volume II of The Victorian Christian Heritage Series), and “The Redemption of Lady Georgiana,” a Regency Ruth love story, the first book in “The Lydia Collection.”

To find out more about this author and to sign up for her free newsletter, check out her author website at You will be among the first to know when her next book is coming out and enjoy access to other free reader resources.

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A Modern Day “Ruth” Love Story of Regency Proportions

The widowed Earl of Essex, betrothed to Lady Juliana … is hopelessly distracted by the rescue missions for the governess of his three children.

When Lady Margaret Colton and daughter-in-law, Lady Georgiana Colton, flee the revolution of Napoleonic France to live with distant relations, Georgiana is forced to accept the position of governess for the widowed Earl’s three children.

The Earl, however, only has eyes for his intended, Lady Juliana; though there is a certain something, a “je ne sais quoi…” regarding his new governess.

Will he ever be able to stop rescuing the younger Lady Colton from her precarious predicaments? When it comes to dealing with his headstrong daughter and losing a string of previous governesses, this beautiful governess is proving herself to be quite capable! Perhaps it is he, who is in need of rescue!

This is a delightful story with a theme of kindness. The author has incorporated a number of French words and their translations into this novel, making this book an excellent choice to brush up on your use of the beautiful and romantic French language.

Lisa Prysock enjoys sharing her faith in Christ through her writing. She is the award winning, bestselling author of “To Find a Duchess,” “Hannah’s Garden: A Turn of the Century Love Story,” Volume I, and “Abigail’s Melody,” Volume II, of the Victorian Christian Heritage Series, Protecting Miss Jenna, Persecution & Providence, Arise Warrior Princess, Geneva: Garden of Joy of the Brides of Grace Hill Series, Dreams of Sweetwater River, and Marry Me Katie.

For more reader resources, check out her author website at

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There’s a bounty on Tremble Dawson’s head and a handsome stranger sent to protect her. But Tremble didn’t know she was a witch and now she’s got to learn to defend herself in a world that is full of evil.

Tremble Dawson thinks her biggest worry is completing her college internship at a mega successful advertising agency. That is, until she discovers her seemingly normal upbringing has all been an illusion. Her life is turned upside down when a handsome stranger pays a visit and offers to be a special kind of bodyguard to protect her from an evil force bent on making her fulfill a twisted prophecy.

Perhaps, she should have paid more attention to her unusual bosses or the sparks that uncontrollably fly out of her fingertips. Despite the clues along the way, Tremble is not prepared to learn that her existence is full of secrets—secrets from another world. As she discovers her true identity and the mystery that surrounds her heritage, Tremble realizes there’s a bounty on her future and she is the one who must pay the price.

Join Tremble on a bewitching adventure as she begins her journey to another world full of magical danger surprises.

TREMBLE is Book One in The Enchanted Journey trilogy. Book Two, JASMINE, and Book Three, NEVERWRONG, are also available.

Other books by Rosa Lee Jude

Heartwarming Contemporary Romance with a twist of Suspense (standalone)




Time Travel Adventure:

Legends of Graham Mansion series


BLOOMSPOONS ADVENTURES – new time travel series

  1. The Legend of Amburgey Gibboney
  2. Haunted by the Fire (Coming Winter 2019)
  3. Murder at the Boyd Hotel (Coming Summer 2019)

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A teenage girl, a murder, and a family secret—does a new friend in another time hold the key to making her family whole again?

Teenage Grae White isn’t crazy about her new home—a haunted mansion. When she accidentally finds out that her mother used to be a time traveler, Grae is transported two hundred years in reverse and witnesses the death of the first owner of the property. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time might result in Grae being stuck in another century, unless she listens to her new friend and helps solve the mystery behind the murder.

Grae soon learns that the murder of Joseph Baker is just the first in a series of mysteries that have haunted Graham Mansion for two centuries. An old key is the token to make her time travel journey possible. Will it unlock the mansion’s mysteries and also reveal a secret in her own family?

It’s a race against the clock for Grae to discover how to get home to her own time before she’s locked away for a murder she didn’t commit. Will the knowledge she gains on the journey help lead to answers in her own family history?

The Legends of Graham Mansion series combines a little history, a little mystery, and a little twist in time for a page-turning journey that will have the reader guessing until the very end.

Read all the books in the Legends of Graham Mansion series:


Other books by Rosa Lee Jude

BLOOMSPOONS ADVENTURES – new time travel series

  1. The Legend of Amburgey Gibboney
  2. Haunted by the Fire (Coming Fall 2018)
  3. Murder at the Boyd Hotel (Coming Spring 2019)

THE ENCHANTED JOURNEY – Urban Fantasy – Magical

  1. Tremble
  2. Jasmine
  3. Neverwrong

Heartwarming Contemporary Romance with a twist of Suspense (standalone)




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She wanted independence.
Then life took an unexpected turn.
Can Olivia find hope in the midst of her darkest hour?

When Olivia Martinelli, a naive nineteen-year-old, moved out on her own, she never could have imagined what direction her life would take. A life-changing decision, a betrayal of trust, and a painful consequence leave her devastated. Will Olivia find the strength she needs for the journey ahead?

** Inspirational Romance **

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On the heavily forested planet of Lumin, the Network has slept, dormant, for over six hundred cycles. Only a select few remember that it resides beneath the crust of the planet, waiting, and for those who remember, the battle for Lumin’s future has raged in the shadows.

When Mia Jayne’s path crosses with an ancient volume in the Archives of the Order of Vis Firmitas, this ancient battle moves from the shadows into the light. Compendium opens up a world of knowledge, and, for the first time since arriving at the Order, Mia has the key to reclaim the freedom she has lost. To do so, she must choose between her conscience and her heart. Conceived against an ailing world of fantastical beauty where long-lost technology tips the balance between extinction and survival, Mia must remember that there is always a choice, and that makes all the difference.

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