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Samhain. All Hallows’ Eve. The most mystical night of the year. The time when the veil between the worlds became perilously thin. And with a full moon overhead, this awesome power reaches its climactic height.

Sorcha had no time for mystical nonsense – there were enough challenges in navigating the mine-field of her mother’s vicious temper and the most important event of her young life. For, at long last, she had left Edinburgh to see the world. She and her mother were visiting the elegant city of Bath. Sorcha was wearing the finest dress she’d seen – and she was stepping into a life she’d only dreamt of.

But when Johnny’s eyes meet hers, and jealous rivals vow revenge, that delicate layer between what is and what once was rips. It shreds like the fragile thread of one’s life.

One Scottish Lass is the first novella in the regency time travel romance trilogy. It is 116 pages / 18,000 words. The second novella in the series is A Time Apart. The first two novellas end in cliffhangers, while the third provides a happy ending. The series then will continue in another trilogy – those will be coming out over the coming weeks. These stories are teen-friendly with no explicit language, violence, or intimacy. All proceeds benefit battered women’s shelters. Note that for those who prefer reading books in all-in-one form, each trio of novellas will also be compiled as a completed box set once all three are done. It just means you have to be patient and wait for me to finish writing all of them :). For those who prefer to read along as I write, and offer suggestions for me to shape the plot, these novellas are here for your enjoyment! Either way, I’d love to hear your feedback on the storyline and characters.

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Is there love after 50? Yes! Delightful, sweet fiction with a strong Christian theme starring couples in their 50s.

Maggie Archer teaches at Freedom Christian University and is very active at her church. Though never married, Maggie, now fifty, still longs for a relationship. One that is based on Biblical principles and filled with love and friendship.

Frank Porter, 55, owns his own construction company, is quite successful, and is a born again Christian, ready to share the Gospel with anyone and everyone. Frank came close to marriage several years ago but it didn’t work out. He finds nights and weekends are too quiet and too lonely, but he has resigned himself to his solitary lifestyle.

Maggie and Frank have a chance meeting at the large church they both attend and are very taken with each other. They meet again and find the attraction is mutual, however they both have secrets they aren’t sure they want to share now or ever. Is their faith and trust in God strong enough to overcome their past secrets or will they go their separate ways, never experiencing the joy they could have together?

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Book Two – Forecast: Sunny with a Chance of Hope
Book Three – Forecast: Foggy with a Chance of Goodbye

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Contemporary Christian Fiction/ Romance.
Shelby Sweetin has moved to Miller’s Bend to establish herself as a professional newspaper reporter, and runs smack-dab into trouble in the form of Riley Wheeler. The man with a wicked smile and caramel brown eyes can sure get to Shelby even though she proclaims she has no interest in him. Besides, since uncovering an embezzlement plot, Shelby is fully occupied trying to unravel the mystery of who is behind the crime.
When the criminal starts making threats, and then attacks Shelby, Riley rushes to her aid. But his bad-boy image has Shelby keeping her guard up, until the friendship of the townspeople help her see Riley through her own eyes, rather than that old, worn out image which he had been trying to shed. Together they begin to learn the Lessons of Love in Miller’s Bend.
No drinking, no sex, no swearing. A good, clean read, with a strong, suspenseful plot, Christian message and lovable characters.
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If you read Cadee Brystal’s previous contemporary Christian romance, Wide Open Spaces, you’ve already met and fallen in love with Shelby and Riley Wheeler. Now it’s time to see the sparks fly between Andrew Wheeler and Allison McGuire as they work through breaking free of the past disappointments and heartaches, and learning their own Lessons of Love in Miller’s Bend.
You’ll become better acquainted with the characters who call Miller’s Bend home. Cheer for them as they deepen their faith and learn to trust, even as they work through the suspense and terror of the kidnapping of their daughters.
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