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“Rebellion in Riversleigh is a great read for young girls aged 9-12. “Tweenage” girls can identify with the main character, Madeleine Richards, as she faces change within her family and tries everything she can to rebel against it. Without being “Christianese”, the author encourages her readers by weaving snippets of faith throughout the story. The story is heart-warming and the characters are people you would want to befriend. A lovely read for girls and I look forward to reading more about Madeleine.” K Edwards

At twelve-years of age, Maddy Richards has everything she needs in life – good friends, a loving mother, and a home she loves. When her mother announces that she’s getting married, Maddy’s seemingly perfect world is rocked to the core, but when she discovers that not only that her mother is getting married and she’ll have a new dad, but there’s another, even more world rocking change planned, Maddy, thinking there’s no way out of her predicament, forges a plan that she’s sure will put a stop to at least one of these sudden changes in her life.

With her best friend Hannah in tow, Maddy embarks on a journey, hoping that will prompt her mother and new husband-to-be to change their minds, but a horrific storm is about to complicate matters further. What looked like a solution suddenly becomes more of a problem.

Maddy will have to gather her resolve and determine if she’s ready to trust God, regardless of what is happening, and let life unfold as it should, even if that means her life will never be the same again.

Book One of The Madeleine Richards Series, “Rebellion in Riversleigh”, is must read Middle-Grade Christian fiction for girls aged ten to thirteen, who are looking for a heart-warming story, full of adventure, personal struggle, and Christian values.

A bonus prequel for moms, Hank and Sarah – A Love Story, is also available FREE from inside the book.

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A hundred years ago, the Spanish Flu inoculated the world from the zombie apocalypse.

During the next century, those with immunity slowly died off.

Today, only those over 100 retain it.

Liam Peters is a young man obsessed with video games, texting his friends, and wearing down his parents’ sanity. He made some bad choices and now must spend a long summer time-out with his great-grandmother.

Marty Peters is a pixie-sized woman who, despite being 104, maintains her routines with the help of a live-in nurse. Though fiercely independent for her age, she invites Liam into her home for a few months to help his mom and dad.

When tornado sirens herald the beginning of a pandemic, Liam and Marty put their family ties to the test. She knows she’ll slow him down, so she begs him to leave her. He could go faster without her, but is it the right thing to do?

Once into the city with the rest of the fleeing population, every decision Liam makes will affect their chances of making it out alive, but his youthful decisions might also determine the fate of humanity.

Marty saw the Spanish Flu. She recognizes this is a hundred times worse.

Praise for Since the Sirens:

“Love this series. Can’t wait to read more! A truly unique take on end of the world themes.”

“This was the first book where after I finished reading it, I went on Facebook and started following the author and even messaged the author.”

“Echoes of King’s “The Stand” vaguely coming through but in no way ripping off any story lines.”

“Not a big fan of zombie books, but the author is such a good storyteller I got sucked right into it.”

“From “Slow Burn” to “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”, this novel sets a mood of action, distinct imagery and likable characters.”

Collectively, all seven books combine to over 400 4+ star ratings on Amazon. Here are some reviews from book 6, so you know this isn’t a trap!

“I can’t wait until the next book comes out I’m obsessed with this series! This was the best one yet.”

“Loved this series!!!!! If you are a fan of end of the world as we know it scenarios, buy this! Can’t wait for more of his books!!!”

“OMG! You have got to be kidding me! I have to wait for the next book? I might go crazy waiting for the next one!”

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Sienna Whitfield never dreamed that using her photography blog for a social experiment would cause so much trouble—or be so painful. She might have a broken rib and a broken camera, but at least her mom is finally letting her date Lee, the guy of her dreams. Maybe it was worth it. But Lee’s future with basketball seems to be carrying him down a path that she can’t follow.

Basketball has always been #1 in Lee Franklin’s life. Now that he’s one of the top high school basketball recruits in the country, his dreams seem to be coming true. But his love for Sienna is changing the way he sees the future. As she follows her own dreams, he realizes he may lose her if he can’t find a way to keep her close—especially since she may be in trouble.

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The paperweight—a summons to courage . . . A new home, new love, new fears . . . and a mystery. How will she face the challenge? And what does God have in mind?

Madeleine, a young widow, is determined to break free from her paralyzing memories and controlling family. Her father’s gift spurs her to declare independence, and she joins her aunt’s house-restoration project in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. Two men enter her life, bringing joy, conflict, and danger. She’ll need courage to fight the treachery she discovers and faith to step into a new life of promise. Can she do it?

The Dumont family, French Huguenots, settled in New Jersey during Colonial days. Certain Dumont women led adventurous lives, and they held in common the gifts of artistry, courage, and a growing faith in God. Madeleine Dumont Burke is one of them.

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