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A young couple deeply in love, Andrew and Fiona make a vow never to be torn apart.

Only problem is, Fiona’s father does not like Andrew. In fact he will do whatever he can to break them up. And as a powerful member of a secret society, The Order of The Wise Serpents, he usually gets his way. He knows how to fight dirty and he will do black magic rituals if that’s what it takes.

Forced to go on the run, the young lovers soon find themselves battling against forces they don’t understand.

They overcome one obstacle only to be met by another. Balanced precipitously between danger and desire, they hold on. Intensely romantic and suspenseful, Simpatico captures the struggle between defying the dictates of what others want for us and following the innate urgings of our own hearts and souls.

This is a modern love story that takes no prisoners; a contemporary love story where relentless tension builds to a riveting crescendo.

More than a YA romance, this is not just a young adult book. Always veering between romance and suspense it is a story for all age groups and will appeal to readers of thrillers as those who enjoy a straight, clean romance. Although it has elements of the supernatural, it is not a full on paranormal romance.

A thrilling and realistic tale of passion and suspense, anyone who has ever been in love will empathize with Andrew and Fiona as, against all odds, they do everything in their power to never be torn apart.

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With her Mum and Dad overseas, sixteen year old Annie is left in the care of her happily married sister, Sarah. Alarm bells ring in Sarah’s head when she learns of the teenager’s infatuation with seasonal worker Keiran, whose good looks, charm and maturity ensure he is never short of attention. How will Annie cope with Keiran’s departure? This and twenty-four other intriguing tales await readers of ‘Encore’, authored by award-winning short story writer Margaret Lynette Sharp.
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‘Michaela Betrayed’ is the ninth work published by Australian author, Margaret Lynette Sharp.
The heroine, Michaela, is a young and gifted music student, the recipient of a prestigious scholarship, compelled to choose between staying with her first love and apparent soulmate, Thomas, and crossing the globe to pursue her academic and professional ambitions. What part of those ambitions are truly her own, and what part submission to the desires of her parents, Michaela isn’t sure. Her father, whose own career as a concert pianist was cut short by a disabling accident, is certainly determined to see that Michaela goes on to perform in his stead.
Unexpected developments both back in Australia and in her new home in London, lead to conflict, intrigue and a battle on several fronts, not least of which is that of her own heart.
Also included in this volume is a selection of romantic vignettes and lengthier stories taken from Margaret’s previously published (and well- reviewed) titles.
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As second son of the King of Levathia, seventeen-year-old Valerian desires the quiet life of a scholarly monk. But when he fails to save his older brother in battle, Valerian must instead become crown prince.

While a traitorous knight schemes against him, Valerian meets Mercy, a pacifist Healer with whom he can speak mind-to-mind like the great dragons. Their bond emboldens Valerian to seek out the legendary dragons and ask for their help against the monsters who killed his brother.

Can Valerian survive the traitor’s assassins long enough to find the dragons? And if he does, can he convince them to lay aside their hatred of humans and help him save the land from destruction?

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