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Darkness is falling across mystic Azdia. Soon, all of life will stop glowing with light. Soon, the trees will no longer spring to life. Already, many lumens, the caretakers of Azdia, have lost faith in their provider and protector, the mysterious Mr. Thicket. The only hope for them all are the awaited chosen ones, sent from another realm that is but a whisper of a rumor: a place called earth.

Del Ryder and her three best friends stumble through the portal into Azdia. There they meet Crimson, a lumen full of hope, who believes Del and her friends are the ones they have been waiting for. Unwilling to accept their destiny, the children manage to enlist Crimson’s help in what becomes a fight for their own survival. Held hostage by living trees, battered by storms, and caught in a stampede of giant beasts known as feldroes, the darkness of Azdia blocks them at every stage of their adventure. But Del and her friends persevere, following the clues of a cryptic riddle, in the hope that it leads them home.

Del Ryder and the Crystal Seed is the first book in the Del Ryder series. It is an adventurous ride, with fast-paced action, and colorful characters. Ideal for ages eight and up, but enjoyed by adults as well.

What Readers are Saying

This was a great story– imaginative! A fantasy, adventure, action, good guys, bad guys, twists and turns, a little bit of everything that kept the story moving and left the reader wanting more. A female protagonist joins plenty of boys and male characters, including the benevolent Mr. Thicket, to keep everyone engaged.

As I read the story, I felt like I was back to my childhood days, with delightful, unique characters that are so true to life.

As an adult I was a little hesitant when I started this book for fear it was more a kids book. I was wrong. Sure this story will appeal to kinda but it also held my interest-in fact, it was such a good story I hated putting it down and wanted to get back to it. I actually turned off the tv so I could read this book instead.

Books in the Del Ryder Series:
Del Ryder and the Crystal Seed, Book 1
Del Ryder and the Rescue of Eleanor, Book 2
Del Ryder and the Emerald Sceptre, Book 3
Book 4 – Coming Soon

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A child of two worlds—a half-emrys with the ability to wield the light and the dark powers—a villain tormentor, and a dragon rider to her rescue.

Her life shadowed with despair since her mother’s horrifying death, Ahnalyn grabs at the chance for happiness when a proposal whisks her from her bland life of tending sheep. But Lord Caedryn, a neighboring tyrant, takes her captive, and shatters all that was left of her brief happiness.

Ahnalyn can’t see past Lord Caedryn’s regular taunts compounded by her misery in the cell. He seems to know Ahnalyn’s true ancestry, claiming her mother was more than she portrayed, claiming Ahnalyn inherited more than just her green eyes from her mother.

As Ahnalyn’s confusion reaches a climax, she gains a small hope of rescue from a dragon rider, but Caedryn is determined to use Ahnalyn. He will have her gifts. Not even an immortal Son of Light can breech Ahnalyn’s darkened state. She will turn to the darkness or nothing at all.

Master of Lies is a romantic fantasy novel, the first novel in The Emrys Chronicles.

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Sometimes the people who love us best are not family.

Elderly Ino prepares a delicious Italian Christmas Eve feast for her successful CEO son, but when he’s too busy to spend the holiday with his mother she shares her dinner and gifts with her home health aide. A heartwarming story about giving and forgiveness.

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As second son of the King of Levathia, seventeen-year-old Valerian desires the quiet life of a scholarly monk. But when he fails to save his older brother in battle, Valerian must instead become crown prince.

While a traitorous knight schemes against him, Valerian meets Mercy, a pacifist Healer with whom he can speak mind-to-mind like the great dragons. Their bond emboldens Valerian to seek out the legendary dragons and ask for their help against the monsters who killed his brother.

Can Valerian survive the traitor’s assassins long enough to find the dragons? And if he does, can he convince them to lay aside their hatred of humans and help him save the land from destruction?

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THE SEVENTH TAKING is the chilling tale of a young man’s journey through harsh mountain country in his search for the girl he loves, and the two friends who dare to brave the dangerous elements—both human and natural—to support a friend.

When Joy Vincent disappears in the Blue Summit Mountains of Tennessee while vacationing with her family, park rangers begin an intensive search for the Louisiana high school junior. Seven weeks later, the search is abandoned and authorities conclude that Joy voluntarily ran away because of a fight with her father.

Unwilling to believe it, Abraham Wilson makes the long drive to the mountains and sets off on a journey that will change his life–and the lives of his friends, Brett Lester and Charlie Rickman–forever. Will they discover the secret behind Joy’s disappearance, or will they meet with the same fate?

(NOTE: Originally published on April 5, 2015 by Amber Quill Press, LLC)

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He knows her darkest secrets, sees into her dreams. Math class will never be the same.

Reality is overrated. Or so Ellie Cross believes. She greatly prefers the dreams she shares with her lifelong BFF and secret crush, Gabe, to her real life. And okay, so yeah, lately Ellie’s noticed that Gabe’s kinda hot. Make that incredibly hot. But that doesn’t mean she’s crazy or anything. And so what if she happens to have an itsy-bitsy crush on her reality-challenged friend? Who’s it hurting, really? Even better, since he isn’t real, she can tell dream-guy-Gabe anything, without ever worrying that he’ll ditch her for someone cooler or embarrass her by blabbing her secrets.

But things are about to get complicated, because there’s a new guy in school—a guy with hauntingly familiar eyes. A guy who knows things about Ellie that he shouldn’t have any way of knowing…

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As spring warms the trendy downtown district of Orlando, Florida, reconnect with Lizzie, Jeff, Ian, Stephen and Michelle. There is romance in the air and Lizzie Reynolds is crazy in love with Ian Cavanaugh. He is everything she had ever dreamed of, handsome, kind, funny and most importantly a man who loves God. So why is she not returning his calls? Ian is confused and frustrated as Lizzie uses work to excuse the distance she is putting between them. Will his patience reach a breaking point before Lizzie has the courage to reveal the fear that is tearing her apart?
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Heaven’s Jubilee
Followers of The Way were being rounded up, but I never expected to be one of them. I wanted to ask God, “Why Me” but would it do any good? Instead, I prayed for strength and endurance, little knowing how much I would need it.

Zane’s Consequences
I’d always done things my way. Why would my flight test be any different?

Hope is All that is Left
Our parents had been arrested and Liz and I now hid from unknown enemies. We had nothing left until we remembered one thing: The hope that spring would come again.

New Life So much pain. So much suffering. We were sick without cure until the angel came.

Darren’s Choice
I never should have signed the contract. Not without knowing what my invention would be used for. Now I had a hard choice to make. Violate my conscience or forfeit my life?

Authors note: Some of the subjects dealt with in these stories may not be appropriate for children younger than 13, so please read with discretion.

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Little Deborah Harrington stared across the street the day the Michaels family moved in. Who was this family? Would she even like them?

Nicholas Michaels hated the fact he had to move away from everything and everyone in his life, but his feelings change when he meets the Harringtons. Deborah and Nicholas become the best of friends, and as the children grow up, their friendship deepens.

But when tragedy strikes, will this cause them to part ways? Or will it perhaps make them realize they may have stronger feelings for one another before it’s too late?

*Author’s Note*
Growing Up Neighbors will take you on a journey through the eyes of two main characters. You’ll see a steady progression from when they first meet as younger children to when they reach adulthood; their friendship turning to love. This is a clean, sweet love story that is suitable for the young and not as young alike. If you are a hopeless romantic, one who likes happy endings and believable stories of love, this may be just for you!

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‘Michaela Betrayed’ is the ninth work published by Australian author, Margaret Lynette Sharp.
The heroine, Michaela, is a young and gifted music student, the recipient of a prestigious scholarship, compelled to choose between staying with her first love and apparent soulmate, Thomas, and crossing the globe to pursue her academic and professional ambitions. What part of those ambitions are truly her own, and what part submission to the desires of her parents, Michaela isn’t sure. Her father, whose own career as a concert pianist was cut short by a disabling accident, is certainly determined to see that Michaela goes on to perform in his stead.
Unexpected developments both back in Australia and in her new home in London, lead to conflict, intrigue and a battle on several fronts, not least of which is that of her own heart.
Also included in this volume is a selection of romantic vignettes and lengthier stories taken from Margaret’s previously published (and well- reviewed) titles.
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