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A faith inspired, “Jane Austen-ish” mail order bride story…
1875, England

Miss Chelsea Careen Stanton is the heiress of Cherrywood Manor and orphaned daughter of a Country Squire. Consequently, she is the ward of relations– relations who have behaved recklessly, placing her inheritance in great jeopardy.

In this tale of social injustice and persecution, Chelsea is faced with few alternatives. Option one–: She can save the only life she has ever known by marrying Lord Thornbridge. Rory, the Earl of Rosevale, offers her security and position, but hasn’t a loyal drop of blood in his body. He’s a rake; a philandering scoundrel; a rogue of the worst kind! Is it possible to reform a rake?

The other option involves just as much risk and even higher stakes. Chelsea, an avid Jane Austen fan, has been dreaming of a future which includes a loving marriage to someone heroic; her Darcy, of course, with or without a Pemberley. Like Austen, she still believes in true love, with a hopeful heart and a resilient tendency to view everything humorously, honestly, and perceptively. In spite of daunting obstacles, she refuses to do less than see her world, hopes, and dreams without faith, and sometimes through the rose colored glasses of romantic novels. With regard to these traits, some might consider Miss Stanton a tad quirky and quite the risk taker.

Nonetheless, desperate for a possible way out of what she believes will be a loveless match if she accepts Rory’s offer, she responds to an advertisement for a mail order bride to an appealing Irish American clergyman, widowed father, and farmer: a Reverend Braydon McLane. Never mind the fact she can only cook four things, has led a life entirely of privilege, and has no idea what she’s about to walk into.

She arrives in America, believing this new situation is an answer to her prayers, only to discover she is in for far more than she bargained. For starters, and among the least of her problems, Braydon McLane doesn’t recognize her name or the letters; he never placed an advertisement for a mail order bride; and he failed to meet her at the train station. She just added being a homeless foreigner to her already lengthy prayer list.

Rising to the challenges, Chelsea is convinced Elizabeth Bennet, in the same circumstance, would first have tea, followed by a brisk walk in the countryside; and then perhaps, sit down upon her trunks, amidst hat boxes and satchels, and write a heartfelt letter to someone she could trust with her sentiments.

Oh wait, is that the sound of rain? Mrs. Bennet would consider rain and this undeniably unique situation, an opportunity for romance from the very gates of Providence! Chin up, Chelsea girl!

Lisa M. Prysock is the author of more than seventeen novels, including a devotional. She enjoys sharing her faith in Christ with readers. A fan of Austen herself, she hopes readers will enjoy this STAND ALONE from ‘The Lydia Collection’ about a hopelessly romantic Austen fan and woman of courageous faith. Married to her husband for more than twenty years, Lisa genuinely believes that in every good husband, there is a Darcy hero in there somewhere.

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If you like your sleuths feisty, fun, and female, you’ll love private-eye Emily Parker!

Paradise Valley Mysteries Box Set #2: Books 4 – 6
Emily Parker, a quick-witted, sassy private eye in the affluent small town of Paradise Valley, unravels a cold-case mystery involving her dead husband’s true identity. As she gets closer to sexy police detective Colin Andrews, they become embroiled in a series of jaw-dropping cases that endanger their whirlwind romance…not to mention their lives. Fans of Stephanie Plum and Nancy Drew will love this series!

>>> This 2nd box set includes: The Pursuit of Lies, Book 4; The Betrayal of Lies, Book 5; The Harbor of Lies, Book 6; The Color of Lies, a Short Story

If you like captivating characters, juicy mystery and intrigue, as well as heart-fluttering, clean romance, then you’ll love New York Times bestselling author Debra Burroughs’ engaging romantic mystery series.

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A new teacher in town + A dead body washed ashore = Late for her first day of class

The nerve of some people.

When grade school teacher Lily Thistle finds the body of a local womanizing garbage man washed up on the beach in her new town, she becomes suspect number one.

Can this teacher turned amateur sleuth narrow down who wanted him dead and get the hot chief of police to recognize her as something other than a murder suspect?

This culinary cozy mystery includes two yummy recipes: Rose’s Marionberry Muffins and Whiskey-laced Chocolate Chunks.

This book is a clean read suitable for most readers. This book set in a small seaside town is perfect for fans of cozy mysteries featuring an amateur sleuth.

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Sometimes, doing the right thing backfires… spectacularly

Bella Amaud is about to lose everything. Her shop, her home, and her fragile financial security.

Then she finds out the man she is falling for, Owen, is the businessman at the center of all her problems.

Owen has secretly long to belong—somewhere—anywhere—his whole life. When he decides to do the right thing for his long-lost brother, he ruins any chance of putting down roots and the family he longs for.

Yes, sometimes doing the right thing does backfire and life explodes around you.

Get The Shop on Main, the charming first book in the heartwarming Comfort Crossing series. Join Bella and her best friends, Jenny and Becky Lee, as they navigate life and love in the small southern town of Comfort Crossing, Mississippi.

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Discounted (0.99-2.99)

Like nostalgia? Here’s a couple of enthralling tales set in the Australia of the 1950’s.
First: ‘Whatever it Takes’. While studying in London, Australian-born Lisa falls in love with fellow trainee teacher Liam. Can their fledgling relationship withstand the strain of Lisa’s return to Sydney, which throws her into the path of her former lover?
Second: ‘Sisters and Rivals’. After struggling to deal with a string of broken relationships caused by the flirtations (and more) of her sister Tessa, Linda hopes that, with Tessa now engaged, she is secure in the love of her boyfriend Harry. Will Tessa once again use her insidious charms to lure Harry away from her plainer sister?
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Colt’s spent the past four years running from his family’s betrayal and the daughter they kept secret from him. His dream of a pro football career has come to pass but nothing he does fills the emptiness inside of him. Until an accident during a blinding snowstorm requires him to be rescued by a surprising woman.

Sophie’s only trying to get to her family’s cabin when the snowstorm knocks her off course and directly in the path of the sexiest man she’s ever seen. They’re forced together during the duration of the storm and it would be a fantasy come true if only he wasn’t so grumpy.

Trapped together during the storm, secrets are revealed and a bond is forged. But when reality comes knocking will the spark they’ve discovered be enough?

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Mark has finally gotten the attention of the girl of his dreams. Only, his lame attempts at romance through texts and emails seem to be turning her off. When he gets put in the back of the room in an over-full class at school, he begins to discover old notes giving advice about how to write a great love letter. At first he thinks he’s stumbled on some long-forgotten notes passed in class ages ago, but every time he reads them they seem directed specifically to him. They also appear at the perfect moment each time he needs more advice. It’s like someone is haunting him.

How do the notes keep appearing? Who’s writing them? Why?

And if Mark follows the ghostly writer’s advice, will he win Bethany’s love?

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Painted in 1907, “Glacier Blue” is an oil painting recently appraised at 2 million pounds. Reginald C. Pierpont, the artist who created the stunning masterpiece, studied with the Impressionists in Europe and bold visionaries in the Americas. The sole heir to a family fortune, Reggie used his vast holdings and leisure time to experiment with new techniques and daring ideas to create his art. Although the masterpiece failed to turn heads during his own time period, Reggie’s secret method triggers larcenous schemes among modern crooks.

Genuine Fakes, an auction company that sells “authorized copies” of famous paintings, arranges to hold six charity auctions of fakes during a voyage to Alaska. Million-dollar originals will be displayed next to the Genuine Fakes during each auction—six opportunities for international thieves to steal a valuable piece of art. The president of Constellation Cruise Lines, Emily Schultz suddenly needs her new crack security team to guard the paintings.

When one of the fakes gets stolen from the buyer’s cabin, a discrete search for the missing canvas begins. The stakes rise when a body is found next to the missing fake, and the investigation suddenly takes a deadly turn. The investigators learn more about “Glacier Blue” and realize it’s no ordinary work of art. The painting’s special secret already provoked one murder, and it gets easier to kill again.

Emily begs Kayla and Steven to work for a few days before their wedding on Glacier Bay. They expected a stress-free cruise up the Inside Passage of Alaska, filled with glaciers, wildlife, and stunning scenery, but an art heist and murder might interrupt their romantic plans. To ramp up stress levels, Steven’s ex-wife, Cynthia, shows up for the cruise on the arm of Steven’s school chum—and Kayla feels hate-at-first-sight.

The young couple must entertain future in-laws while trying to outsmart murderous outlaws. As the ship navigates through icy waters, truth lies hidden from plain view, like the treacherous underwater portions of dangerous icebergs. Greed, jealousy, and envy generate potent motives for murder.

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Enter the dimension of the Tweens, a realm between Heaven and Earth. Here souls are prepared by guiding spirits to encounter the challenges of the mortal world. Terra has existed here as a guide for mortal bound souls for centuries. She has been frozen in her purpose and her habits for her entire existence. But when Terra meets Liam her telescopic view of love, human nature and the mortal world is irrevocably altered. She must send him to his mortal life to face unspeakable suffering and loss. Terra must act to save Liam if there is any hope for him to avoid being sacrificed to slow the spread of an unseen evil that is contaminating Earth.
This epic tale of good versus evil examines the age-old question of “why me” that all earth-bound travelers must ask. The Corporeal Pull is a story of love that transcends both time and the mortal plane. This action-packed love adventure will invite you in and leave you breathless!
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