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Free and Discounted Fiction for Sunday, 01.03.16

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Two opposites in every way, Jason’s love may save her. But will his secret destroy her?

Miranda has always run from every problem and every confrontation, only trusting herself. People always proved that lesson time and time again.  Until a car accident nearly destroyed her life.

In that instant, Jason became her unexpected rock. Struggling against everything she ever knew, she tried to trust him.

Over time, Miranda thought she knew everything about him. Then came the day she discovered he was running too. His love may save her, but will his secret destroy her?

A heart warming happily ever after that proves love can conquer even the coldest heart.
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One Saturday morning, Boomer Bulldog bullies his friends at the neighborhood playground. When he finds himself sad and alone, he learns a valuable lesson about being nice to others. Follow Boomer and his friends in this story of bullying, the importance being polite, and the power of forgiveness.
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