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“S. D. Smith has done it again. The Black Star of Kingston is a book I’ll be shouting about from the rooftops for a long time coming.” — Sarah Mackenzie, The Read-Aloud Revival

A century before Heather and Picket’s adventures in The Green Ember, a
displaced community fights for hope on the ragged edge of survival.

My place beside you

My blood for yours

Till the Green Ember rises

Or the end of the world.

Whitson Mariner and Fleck Blackstar face old fears and new enemies, forging a legend that will echo through the ages.

Old wars haunt. New enemies threaten. An oath is born.

A hero rises.

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Lucas Thissel has something he fears: an alien species of palm-sized glass fairies called Lucent Sylphs. They came through a portal from a metaphysical dimension, and they indenture themselves as slaves to human beings. Too much neglect or unkindness, and they will cloud over and disintegrate. Too much love and their hearts are overcome and burst.

And one has attached herself to him.

Winner of the prestigious Reader’s Favorite 5 Star Award, and Finalist in the Reader’s Favorite Short Story/Novella Contest!

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Melody considers herself lucky that she has already found love once in a lifetime. Her love story, however, abruptly came to an end; all hope of finding love again disappeared the day she lost Jack.

Jack knows that Melody’s heart is big enough to give love a second chance, the challenge lies in helping her meet just the right man. Not sure if he’s an angel or a ghost, Jack finds himself searching for a man to make Melody feel alive once more. He had no idea how difficult it would be to face his conflicting emotions while finding this man. To top it off, he only has until Christmas Eve at midnight to help Melody fall in love.

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Chad is a reclusive teenager whose thoughts are full of loneliness and suicide. The only thing that he obsesses over more than planning his own death is the nicest, sweetest, most beautiful girl in school. As he stalks her and watches her, he learns the truth about what she believes in and, in the process, finds Someone Else he did not expect.
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Prudence Willowfig, a Music Fairy, needs to earn her wings, but to do that she must complete the New Leaf Challenge.

Will she complete the gauntlet of trials, or will something unexpected veer
her away from what she must do?

Should she follow the rules or help another?

And will wishes be her downfall?

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Anne Blake, psychiatrist, is good at her job and believes that even the most sick-at-heart can be cured…or at least saved enough that they can lead a better life.

But maybe she’s wrong?

Maybe within a murderer’s heart, evil lurks, and nothing can be done except to save yourself?

This murder mystery will sharpen your senses, puzzle your brain and thrill your heart.

I loved the way the tale progressed, with all the unexpected twists and turns. It kept me hooked from the start… Maria Savva

Fast paced page turning all night read. I really enjoyed this mystery, enough suspense to keep me saying…just one more chapter then off to bed… Sheri A Wilkinson

It was nice to read something that the killer wasn’t obvious after the first murder… Barbara Ensign

This well-constructed story moves at a fast pace and I found it to be a compelling and entertaining read. It was refreshing to come across a murder mystery that was not full of blood and gore, but was certainly not short on intrigue and suspense… A. E. Thomas

I was hooked from the first chapter. I could not put this book down… Animalspirit

I really enjoyed this book. It was a great whodunit. It kept you guessing til the very peak of it all… Luzmaria

Cover Design: Julie Elizabeth Powell

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Henry Ian Darling is a collector of oddities, those that bring him closer to an enigma, one he hopes will be a great thing.

But maybe it isn’t.

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What is the significance of what Henry Ian Darling found in the boot of a car?
And how did his wife know of the event? How could anyone be cruel enough
to do such a thing?

Find out where the discovery leads this collector of oddities and what it may
mean for Henry’s ultimate quest – finding the enigma, that which will save or
destroy all dimensions.

Cover Design: Julie Elizabeth Powell
‘wolf’ by nixxphotography

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How well do you REALLY know your friends?

Avery Barks teams up with an old friend to host a big event, but instead finds herself on the bad end of a criminal investigation.

With a murderer on the loose and two canine buddies by her side, Avery must find a way to put the pieces of the puzzle together before time runs out.

Good Friends is a standalone cozy mystery in Mary Hiker’s popular Avery Barks series. With fun characters, lots of twists and turns, and lovable dogs, it’s easy to see why people enjoy these books.

Amazon Reviews About Mary Hiker

Always enjoy a Mary Hiker story.”

“I am a huge dog lover and Mary Hiker’s books were fun to read.”

I will be buying more from this author!”

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Christian Romance: 1897- Hays, Kansas– Nellie, a devout Christian, meets Nicholas, a devout womanizer, and sparks fly, when their two worlds collide. Nicholas, the rich son of the hotel’s owner, can’t control his attraction to Nellie, one of the hotel maids. Nicholas pursues and Nellie retreats. Her own pristine reputation is endangered as a result of Nicholas’s undisciplined actions. Nicholas finally pretends to join her world, by requesting Bible lessons from her. This ruse may change his life forever. Yet, danger surrounds them in the form of a jealous stepbrother. Book 4 of the Hearts of Hays series. But all books in the series read independently. No need to read in order.
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Amazon Best Seller April 2016. Desperate circumstances called for bold action. Lily couldn’t resist the invitation to masquerade as her friend Emma to escape an undesired courtship. Her ruse backfires when she falls in love with Emma’s intended. How could she possibly tell him her real identity? This deceit has also put her life in danger. Gus finds her working in a saloon and turns his back on her. Now her main objective is to win him back— no matter what it takes. A sizzling clean romance.
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