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Former teacher-turned-reporter, Deena Sharpe has settled into her new job, not knowing she’s about to stumble upon her first murder case.

A Christmas party for Maycroft’s upper crust turns tragic when the hostess ends up dead. Everyone assumes her death is an accident—everyone except her daughter, Estelle. She turns to Deena to help solve the mystery. A jealous friend and a mysterious heir are just two of the likely suspects.

Deena must get crafty to uncover the truth before anyone else gets hurt, including her own brother. Not only is there a possible killer on the loose, but this may be her bachelor brother’s last chance at true love.

Sharpe Edge is book 2 in the Second Act Snoop Mysteries, a classic whodunit in the tradition of Agatha Christie. A little romance, some snarky humor, and a twisty puzzle will keep you turning pages.

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How does the band Bleu Streak celebrate the holidays? By singing, of course. Go on tour with this zany group as they get into all kinds of mischief along the way.
And Maverick King? Oh yeah. This devilishly handsome drummer gets a special gift for Christmas. The trouble is trying to convince Izzy Walker to allow him to have her…
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Alone, broke, with only the street smarts gleaned from her addict parents, sixteen-year-old Leah Grace huddled in an abandoned trailer. Now that she had escaped, how to survive? How to reach her secret and impossible dream? Comfort, answers, and healing arrive on four hooves, four paws, two flippers and a fluked tail. Join her journey where misfit friends redeem each other with a language universally known.
Look for Book 2 of Unlikely Friends Series : Unlikely Redemption (
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It is 1917 and for Kathryn Walters to be suddenly left a huge house in Scotland by a former patient is puzzling. Brought up from the age of ten in an orphanage then fending for herself from the age of sixteen, she only knows a life of scrimping and saving. Now she has everything.
But why was she left the house? She moves to Scotland, takes over the reins of management, while at the same time she begins to get to know Lord Micah MacKenzie who is a widower with two little sons.
The war rages on and she begins to help the war effort as she allows the army to use her house for training and does all she can, with the help of the staff she has inherited, to make the house self sufficient. At the same time she puzzles over her own past and its connection to the woman who left her the house.
This is a captivating story of a young lady who tries to unravel the mystery of her past while working hard to improve the lives of those in her present. It is the story of someone who experienced little love in her past and who finds it where she never thought it would be.
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Emmaline Gemstone has never left the Never Never. Now she must journey into the mortal world, London to be exact, to retrieve a stolen ruby for her queen. Come with Emmaline on an adventure into Victorian London where airships, service bots and handsome British pilots roam.
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Super-Duper Monty is the story of a little frog that loves to hop, leap, and jump.  One day he leaps into trouble! Parents and teachers can use this entertaining story to teach several things:

Children must not wander away. Even while having fun, they must be aware of their surroundings.

Natural habitat is important for creatures to survive.

To have compassion for other living things.


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The Grand Slam Club. Is it worth murdering for?

Cuba – a land of classic cars, beautiful beaches, salsa music, and the best cigars in the world. When Mike’s friend, Jack Trout, asks Kelly and Mike to join his wife and him on an exploratory trip to a Cuban island, it’s an invitation they can’t resist.

Mike’s dream of fly fishing the saltwater flats on the exotic island is quickly replaced when he’s asked by the local constable to help solve the murder of a British fly fishing guide, Dudley Samms. Jack becomes a suspect and his wife, Carola, asks Kelly to help solve the crime.

Plenty of quirky characters have reasons to wish Dudley dead, but who killed him? The Englishman who is the head of one of the largest international banks in the world? The American with no visible means of support, but who has plenty of money to fish all around the world? The victim’s wife? One of the Cuban fishing guides? Or was it Jack?

This is the eighth book in the popular Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series. It is loosely based on a trip the two-time USA Today Bestselling Author took to Cuba. Download it now by scrolling up the page and clicking on Buy or Read For Free.

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