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** Reader’s Favorite Gold Medal Award Winner **

Sandfly is a debugger. He is property, bought and paid for in an Earth under sharia law. All faiths but one have been banned. And the rule of the great Imam is supreme.

As a debugger, Sandfly has an implant in his head that connects him to the world’s technology—and doles out mental shocks to keep him obedient. All he wants is to fix bots and avoid shocks

Now he’s been called into Earth orbit. The masters have a new spacecraft—one capable of interstellar flight. On its maiden voyage, the only robot on board went mad and tore itself apart.

Why? Better question: does it pose any risk to humans?

When Sandfly reviews the bot’s final moments, he perceives something unexpected. Something impossible.

As Sandfly pieces together the clues, a trap spreads beneath his feet. If he solves the mystery, he may doom himself. And if he fixes the robot, he may shatter his world.

Suspenseful, unique, and awash in cyberpunk jive, A Star Curiously Singing presents a bleak future that might be closer than we think.

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After her husband ditches her for a blonde actress wannabe, Jane Seymour needs a job that pays the rent. The struggling Roche Hotel needs a miracle. With the former owner’s wife butting her nose into the renovations and new owners who are in way over their heads, Jane may be the answer to their prayers. Sure, she can handle The Roche Hotel’s quirky staff. But, can this skittish divorcee keep it all together when handsome Henry the Donut Guy makes his first delivery? This collection of serial fiction stories is a Tudorific romantic comedy that will leave you laughing out loud and hungry for more.
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A compilation of three scintillating short stories: ‘The One That Got Away’, ‘More Than a Mere Bagatelle’, and ‘Chance Encounter’, all written by Amazon best-selling and prolific Australian author, Margaret Lynette Sharp.
Both ‘The One That Got Away’ and ‘More Than a Mere Bagatelle’ have taken awards at the Hurstville Festival of Community Arts Literary Competition (in 2014 and 2015, respectively). The third story, ‘Chance Encounter’, is a sweet, nostalgic romance, crafted specifically for this new volume.
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Sofia is an intelligent, independent woman who doesn’t need anything from anybody. Or so she thinks.

But when she stumbles onto a centuries-old conspiracy to cover up the existence of an immortal she starts to question everything. Strange voices invade her dreams. A new neighbor invades her apartment. A gorgeous new coworker invades her head—and her heart.

Then, her boss is murdered. And Sofia is next. Everything is connected. And it all leads back to him.

Can Sofia outwit an opponent that’s killed everyone who has gotten in his way for two thousand years? Or will it all end in tragedy?

Can’t wait to solve the mystery? Click to download Redemption and join the story today.

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The assignment: simple. The execution: deadly.

Traveling nurse Mercy Mares is no stranger to hard work. When she accepts an assignment at a California psychiatric facility, she’s sure she can handle it. But her plans go awry when a surprise rainstorm, an ill-tempered security guard, and a peculiar visitor join forces to make her first day of work one she’ll wish she could forget.
A barking dog, monsoon-like weather, and a minor disagreement are all in a day’s work for her… until she stumbles over a body. With no witnesses, no alibi, and no one on her side, she becomes the target of the investigation.

A stranger in a new town filled with people who had every reason to kill the victim, Mercy knows her odds aren’t good, but could they lead to something far more sinister?

Buy this book today to find out who had the means and the motive to pull off a murder!

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What good is immortality if you can’t remember yesterday?

Elle is a typical doomsday bunker teenager, living under the crush of routine. She attends classes, tries to follow the rules, and endures the same petty jealousies and anxieties teens have endured since fire was used as the first hangout. But a crumbling section of tunnel exposes a big lie about her world, and Elle’s life quickly spirals downward.

She’s harassed by the enigmatic Commander. She must ward off unwanted advances from older male survivors. And, as the ultimate insult, everyone seems to know more about her past than she does. Elle seeks freedom in the plague-ravaged wasteland outside her home, but discovers the true threat to her people, and her own future, lies coiled inside the dark tunnels she left behind.

Can Elle uncover and expose the secrets buried with her underground home? Or will they fade away like the memories of everyone who thinks to oppose the Commander?

Sky Dancers is a dystopian read that will have you turning the pages! If you like mysterious wastelands, abandoned bunkers, and strong female leads, you will love the Eternal Apocalypse series!

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Melanie Abney leads a seemingly normal life for a twenty-something-year-old who just lost her job. When she returns to Jinx Cove, she’s anything but thrilled, but soon realizes that admitting failure is the least of her problems.

Something is very wrong in Jinx Cove and Melanie is determined to get to the bottom of it. With her life-long best friend by her side, she goes on a hunt for answers, but what they uncover is the most disturbing news of all.

In a town filled with tales of missing women, conniving con men, and the legend of the witches of Jinx Cove could what’s happening in her life have everything to do with witchcraft and nothing to do with a string of bad luck?

This is Book One in the Jinx Cove Mysteries. Each book can be read as a standalone title.

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